Personal Defense World - June / July 2022

Here’s a term that’s making some scary headlines of late—ghost guns. We can add this to the growing list of other incorrect terms that get thrown around far too loosely when discusing the firearm lifestyle/industry.

We here at PDW understand our duty to accurately represent the firearm culture, so we fully recognize that words matter, regardless of who you’re talking to. With that in mind, we put together the comprehensive stories you will be reading in this latest June/July 2022 issue. Articles like Scott Conditt’s top-secret project for discrete firearms and gear storage, Michael D’Angona’s to-do list on how to turn the tables on a kidnapper, and Kenzie Fitzpartrick’s insightighful feature on how shooting competitions can help prepare you to defend yourself all aim to add key information to your growing knowledge of self preservation. Since no issue is complete without some new gear suggestions, we asked our troops to roundup the latest must haves from SHOT Show 2022 for your viewing (and wallet) pleasure.

So the only question left is, what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

.45 ACP EMISSARY – Springfield delivers a defensive Commander-sized 1911 with custom refinement

BUDGET EDC – Taurus’ new G3C packs a lot of value for the price

CLEANING HOUSE – The mental and physical breakdowns of close quarters battle

BUILT ON GREATNESS – Smith & Wesson goes big with the second generation of M&P M2.0 10mm

9mm STING – CZ ups the ante with the new Scorpion 3+ Micro Pistol


SO LONG RHINESTONES – A look at what’s new in women’s gear and apparel

FULL SPEED AHEAD – Quick look at the latest standard and duty-sized autopistols

NEXT-GEN AR-15s – Look at what’s new and hot in the ‘Merica’s rifle category

SAFE & SECURE – Top-25 fortified storages for your firearms and valuables



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