Ballistic - June / July 2022

It’s summertime! And that means the June/July issue of Ballistic is coming in scorching hot!

For this issue, we’re welcoming our Skillset Mag editorial team, as well as their loyal subscribers to the mix. Once its own quarterly publication, Skillset will now run as a special 30-plus-page section in five of the six annual issues of Ballistic. We’re certain that Ballistic readers will wholeheartedly enjoy the Alpha-edgy, educational and fun Skillset goods, while Skillset fans will still get what they know and love, and also receive a bonus of 130-plus pages of Ballistic goodness.

In addition to the new content, we’re also paying homage to the bloody good ol’ days! Our special 40-year-anniversary tribute to Rambo is a treasure trove of killer trivia, as well as a behind the scenes, look into John Rambo’s infamous weapon of choice.

The sizzling-hot hits keep on coming with special features (and a Ballistic Custom Challenge “guns giveaway) centered on Springfield Armory’s new Hellion 5.56 bullpup and Hellcat Pro 9mm. Click here to learn more about the custom guns

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

CUSTOM CHALLENGE – Here’s your chance to win a heavenly/hellish Springfield Hellion and a Hellcat Pro

THE BIGGER ’CAT – Springfield’s Hellcat Pro steps up in size to tame recoil and offer superb handling


PISTOL AMMO – Latest loads that’ll make your handgun go boom

RIFLE AMMO – Get fully loaded with the latest and greatest long-gun fodder

SHOTSHELLS – Next-gen loads for game, competition and personal-defense scatterguns

SHOTGUN OR AR? – Scattergunnin’ Gunther and Arnie “Pew Pew” shoot and miss on home defense

TWANGO BANGO – Meet Umarex’s new game-busting, double-barrel AirSaber Elite X2

RACEHORSE – Canik’s new SFx Rival delivers champion-level performance at a budget-friendly price

SILVER CELEBRATION – Looking back on the 25 years of Henry Repeating Arms excellence

THREADS – Stylish and practical solutions for summer concealed carry

5 Ways Booze Fueled America • Snip It Good—A Vasectomy Story • Top 8 Martial Arts Movies • Tony Blauer On Saying F*&K Fear • Guide To Picking Apocalypse Pals

Price: $9.95