American Frontiersman - Summer 2022

Keep calm, cool and collected—no matter the adversity coming your way… and read American Frontiersman’s summer 2022 issue. Wanna talk about remaining cool under pressure? Take a look at our cover featuring Montana game warden Lou Kis. Lou was on a mission to relocate a problem grizzly, nothing newsworthy for someone with his experience until the enraged bear fought back, grabbed Kis, and all hell proceeded to break loose. Outdoor writer and photographer Richard P. Smith captured the action-packed moment in a series of photos that you have to see to believe.

Also in this issue, Mr. J.W. Fears discusses the life and times of longhunter Henry Skaggs, contributor Glenn Chapman shares the remarkable story of one of the first African American mountain men, and resident frontiersman Mark Herwig shares a step-by-step DIY project that will protect your gun’s stock and hold ammo. More DIYs are inside including making your own mocotaugan blade, learning how to tie your own flies, and bushcrafting expert Reuben Bolieu teaches you several of the top fire lays. Perhaps the tastiest of pieces is Jon R. Sundra’s “Let’s Wing It!” article that covers methods and recipes for the absolute best chicken wings.

Guns and gear wonks will also have plenty of fodder to enjoy with a reviews on Remington’s newest ammo, Marlin’s new 1895 SBL, plus our editor’s hot pics for some new and notable camp and trail goods.

Enjoy the summertime rendezvous with us and pick up your copy today!

HIT THE TRAIL – A trekker’s guide for getting started in living history

NEW-SCHOOL RENDEZVOUS – How today’s young guns are keeping the trapper’s camp tradition alive

THE ELK REVIVAL – Missing from the eastern states for over a century, this majestic animal has returned

BLAZE OF GLORY – Ruger storms the gun industry with .45-70 thunder from its latest Marlin 1895 SBL

BIG GREEN’S NEW BULLETS – Grandpa’s cartridges get an upgrade with Remington’s new-for-’22 Core-Lokt Tipped

LET’S WING IT! – Have yourself a wing fling with these four cooking methods

GEAR BAG – New and noteworthy range and trail products

IN SPIRIT OF SAMUEL READER – Time to take a page out of Kansas’ rich frontier history

SO YOU WANT A LONGRIFLE? – AF reader shares his story about honoring the American spirit with an iconic custom

BURNIN’ FOR YOU – Keep the fire alive in style with these four fire lays

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