Combat Handguns - Sept. / Oct. 2022

Before delving into our topic, let us recognize that people in the gun industry and America’s law-abiding gun owners are mourning these tragedies alongside every other American, and we want these senseless mass murders and acts of violence to end. Purely evil people misusing guns pose a huge threat to society, as well as to our Second Amendment rights.

As our readers well know, the vast majority of gun owners—both women and men—are legal and responsible. It is those people that we always have in mind when creating Combat Handguns magazine content.

Headlining the cover of this issue is contributor Mariah Lynn loading up her new Walther PDP F-Series 9mm. Mariah and Sean Utley give you an exclusive look at the female-centric design of the new Walther PDF F-Series gun that will leave you wondering why every other gun maker hasn’t accomplished Walther’s feat. Speaking of women and firearms, in this issue’s “Ask The Pros,” youngest Ladies National Champion Morgan Leonhart shares her secrets and gear for success.

Today’s concealed carriers will want to dive into Masad Ayoob’s “To Plead Or Not To Plead” Self-Defense & The Law column, and Paul Scarlata referees a quad of .38 Special wheelguns in an all-out clash for top honors.

Plus, we reveal out top “SHOT Show Sleeper pick” in Frank Melloni’s BRG-9 review, and we have a gear guide that covering 21 of the hottest targets and training aids for 2022.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

ALPHA FEMALE – Walther’s newest PDP F-Series—so much more than a “lady’s” gun

PINT-SIZED POWERHOUSE  – DRD Tactical MFP-21 delivers 300 BLK goodness in a compact package

BANTAM CARRY 1911 – This new Turkish import is a workhorse that delivers style and handling like a top dog

OUT OF THE SHADOWS – This SHOT Show “sleeper” BRG-9 Elite brings the heat at a cool price

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – Three reports showcase how and why innocent defendants sometimes plead guilty

COMBAT MASTERPIECES – A collection of everyday carry guns that are works of art

PHANTOM NINES – Unquestionable performance from a pair of Sig Custom Works Spectres

CUSTOM SPOTLIGHT – One gun, one gunsmith—Nighthawk Custom is a one of a kind company

Price: $8.99