American Frontiersman - Fall 2022

We take great pride in welcoming you to the fall issue of American Frontiersman—a labor of love dedicated to some of the finest, most avid readers around!

As a reader of this magazine, it’s very likely that you know way more about the American frontier than most people. That means you probably recognized this issue’s cover featuring the legendary Jim Bridger. A true mountain man by definition, we’re taking a special look at Bridger through the lens of The Revenant author Michael Punke’s latest novel called Ridgeline. And you’ll even learn a thing or two by catching “The Outpost” page that lets you inside Fort Bridger.

Other highlights of the issue include 21 Whitetail Myths Busted, a first-ever frontier/Old West Trivia Quiz, an easy DIY for making a classic leather shoulder cape, plus we show you how to salvage every usable piece from a deer carcass, torture Savage’s new straight-pull Impulse Hog Hunter, discuss the ins and outs of snaring and cabling critters, share tips, techniques and recipes to simplify your camp-chef responsibilities, and interview Andrew Scott Wills from the band Hawken Horse and learn about a new album that’s all about life and times on the American frontier.

With all that we can only ask… what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

RANGER TO THE RESCUE – A true account of how America’s first rangers fought during the “Border War” period

11 SKILLS TO MASTER – Let this classic guide be your savior before hitting the backcountry

THE GEORGIA HIGHLANDERS – Forget Outlander, here’s how the real Scots settled in the new American colony

SHE TRAPS – Meet Sarah Go-Go Gomez, the woman who is spreading the joy of trapping to all

CAMPFIRE TRIPODTry these wood and mini-rebar versions for hanging a stew pot

DEER CX-ING – Head to the hunting fields to test the mettle of Hornady’s latest

SLOW & DELICIOUS VENISON – Ouachita Bushcraft and Survival has a recipe that even the pickiest eaters will devour

NEW FRONTIER TUNES – Get yourself some period-perfect pitch with the music of Hawken Horse

GEAR BAG – New and noteworthy range and trail products

Price: $10.95