Complete Book of Reloading - 2023

With all the hype about long-range hunting these days, it’s a pretty safe bet a lot of these mid-bore magnum rifle cartridges will go afield. But which ones are legit? Which ones are a bust? After firing hundreds of rounds to kill big-game animals, Tactical Life’s The Complete Book Of Reloading team has (humbly) earned the right to question the feasibility of hunting with specific cartridges on various game animals after several hundred necropsies.

We know we’re not the only ones questioning whether they have enough killing power to get the job done ethically or if these new cartridges can down whitetail-sized critters at 100 yards. So to answer these and other questions, we decided to put out our comprehensive guide to all things reloading with Tactical Life’s The Complete Book of Reloading 2023.

In this issue, we’re sharing our preferred recipes for reloading one of the world’s most popular hunting rounds, the .308 Winchester, taking a look at the rise of Peterson Cartridge, breaking down the Hornady CX—the lead-free, one-piece copper allow that delivers to the max—and giving you more than 30 pages of powder load data.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!


Handloader’s Stockpile – New gear to get you fully loaded

Ham’R Time – Building a .300 Ham’R bolt-action beast

Sig Sauer 6.5 Creed Cross – Load it to win in a competition or draw blood in the deer woods

DIY Poly Pills – How to powder coat your cast lead bullets

American 6.5 PRC Pie – Head to Texas with Ruger’s hunting rig to take on Scimitar-Horned Oryx

Slick Stuff – The secrets behind Hunters Supply’s Slick Coat bullets

Dynamic & Deadly: Hornady CXA lead-free, one-piece copper allow that delivers to the max

Smokeless SBR-SOCOMGetting both subsonic and supersonic .458 SOCOM to run right

Express LaneA 9.3x74R safari at home raises the challenge and preps you for adventures abroad

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