Combat Handguns - Jan. / Feb. 2023

Gun-ban proponents and anti-gun politicians spent the better part of 2022 telling lies about guns and lawful gun owners. Even though reliable research and daily life in the U.S. prove otherwise, those on the anti-gun side of the battle repeatedly claim that owning a gun makes you less safe, and that guns are hardly ever successfully used for self-defense.

Combat Handguns readers know that what’s been said and continues to be spewed is just simply not true. That’s why with the first issue for 2023, we’ve made it a point to continue our mission against those who constantly seek to muddy the waters and stack the deck against us.

Beretta takes center stage this issue with full test and evaluations on the 92X Performance Carry Optic (don’t let the name fool you!) and the new insta-classic M9A4 Full Size. We’ve a great 10mm “Tale Of The Tape” battle with Springfield and Sig duking it out, too! Ammo guru Frank Melloni dives deeper into the effectiveness of Federal’s 30 Super Carry round, and Masad Ayoob’s “Self-Defense & The Law” column reveals eight secrets of the top legal experts.

Other issue highlights include, Todd Burgreen taking a look at how CMMG is redefining what an AR-platform PDW should look and shoot like, Garrett Lucas showing how the legendary Browning High Power gets born again to meet today’s high expectations, Mike Detty taking a look at a bevy of viable concealed carry solutions for one-armed defense, and we take a look at how Ed Brown refuels a Smith M&P 9mm for competition and personal defense.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

ALL FOR THE A4 – Beretta’s newest M9 variant adds dot-ready flavor and more to the iconic Army sidearm

BERETTA 92X CARRY – A sneak peek at the latest competition- and optics-ready beast

SCORPION STRIKES AGAIN – CZ’s new 3+ Micro brings 20+1 rounds of 9mm pain in a cool and compact package

WALTHER’S WMP .22 WINNER – A new trainer/fun gun that possesses legendary accuracy and reliability

ASK THE PROS – Shooting sports and defense guru Kristy Titus highlights her go-to guns and gear

BEST BUY – Stoeger’s new STR-9F—big in size, capacity and performance, but small on price

AMMO TEST – Putting the new 30 Super Carry against the classic 7.62 x 25

WHEELHOUSE – Taurus adds an inch to its best-selling CCW revolver with devastating results
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