Ballistic - Dec. / Jan. 2023 - BEST GUNS OF THE YEAR

Before turning the calendar page to 2023, let’s raise a glass to the firearm, ammo, optic and accessory makers featured in our fifth annual Ballistic’s Best Guns Of The Year Awards issue!

It literally takes an entire year to put together the December/January issue of Ballistic. We test close to 160 guns and run through countless rounds of ammo all in the name of compiling the most extensive list of noteworthy compacts, full-size, revolvers, rimfires and 1911s, hunting rifles, PRS rifles, AR-15s and a mixed bag of tactical 12 gauges on the market. Our dedicated team of experts split this huge undertaking into 9 categories, full-size handguns, compact handguns, 1911 handguns, revolvers, rimfires, shotguns, ARs, hunters, and precision rifles and simply report the facts. We don’t play favorites and you can’t buy an award, we just look at the numbers and tell you who the best is. Simple as that.

Now without further ado, take a look at this year’s winners and pick up your copy today!

TITANS THROWDOWN – Ten archrivals duke it out for the crown in the full-size pistol category

COMPACTS CLASH – Eleven newly released EDC fighters vie for the title of best of the smalls

WHEELS UP – Top four new revolvers have a good, old-fashioned shootout for supremacy

.22 RIMFIRE RUMBLE – Nine new trainer and fun guns plink it out in the Arizona desert

AMERICA’S RIFLE – Twelve of the newest AR-15 rifles battle it out on the range

THE HEAVENLY SEVEN – The cream-of-the-crop, dead-nuts rifles duke it out for long-range supremacy

SINGLE ACTION SHOOTOUT John M. Browning would be highly impressed with this group of pistols

SCATTER MATTERSOur testers rock the range with a mixed bag of the best tactical 12 gauges

KINGS OF THE HUNTWe put the top 10 new bolt guns through their paces to find out which gets the crown

Price: $10.95