Tactical Life - Jan. / Feb. 2023

For our January/February 2023 issue of TL, we’re offering up our first-of-the-year, Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous-born exclusive cover gun story on Canik’s SFx Rival-S pistol. This gun is so darn new, it’s even preempting Canik’s official launch by one week! If you’re a regular reader of TL, you likely know that our staff participates in an annual Athlon Outdoors Editorial Rendezvous event held in Victor, Idaho.

We didn’t do any dancing at this year’s Rondy, but we did do a ton of singing by way of hammering hundreds of steel plates, clay birds and Tannerite-enhanced targets. This year, more than 30 premier firearms and shooting-lifestyle-centric gear companies (many of which have multiple brands) brought their goods to our event so that our 30-plus content creators could work up much of the editorial you’ll be consuming during the year ahead in Tactical Life and our other premier titles.

In this issue we have nine pages worth of sneak peeks from Rendezvous ’22, Mike Detty breaks down why great ergos, capacity, noteworthy details and performance make Wilson Combat’s SFT9 worth every penny, Fred Mastison shows you how to install a new Rise Armament Iconic independent two-stage trigger, and our very own Rambo (Rikk not John) educates you on the guns, guts and glorious history of the Alaska State Troopers.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

CANIK’S STEEL RIVAL – And in this corner…the heavyweight champion of the shooting world

WARHEAD PROTECTOR – Zev OZ9—The world’s Gucci-est pistol for one of the world’s most important missions

SUPER RAD – The real world meets sci-fi in the new Ruger LC Carbine in 5.7x28mm

TRAIL BLAZER – CZ’s latest 600—compact, accurate, reliable and as handy as it gets

RONDY SNEAK PEEKSMore than 30 new products showcased at Athlon Outdoors’ Rendezvous 2022

SUPPRESSORS – Off to Gunsite Academy where SilencerCo reveals an array of forward-thinking cans

SCATTERGUNS – Mossberg’s new 940 Pro Snow Goose eats everything without a hiccup

KEEP YOUR ENEMY CLOSE – A Lone Woolf Story Part Two of Four

Price: $10.95