Harris' Farmer's Almanac - Gardening Guide - 2023

The 2023 issue of the Seasonal Gardening Guide is here to help you turn your haven into a source of homegrown food and your very own Garden of Eden.

●      New to gardening? Here are six ingenious products guaranteed to make your gardening life easier

●      Brightening up a shade garden is super easy when you plant this old favorite with a funny botanical name

●      Step-by-step guide to creating your own small, tranquil meditation garden

●      Want to learn how to salsa? Grow these ingredients to add fresh, tangy flavors to this American staple

●      Weather extremes are increasing due to climate change. Learn how to to grow plants adapted to your local ecosystem.

●      Sweet and spicy ginger. Harvesting this ancient herb in your garden proves to pay huge dividends.

●      Urban flower festivals. Time to hit the road and discover the cities sharing their floral treasures.

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