Tactical Life - March / April 2023

It feels like 2023 just started and we’re already bringing you the second issue of the new year. Proof that the TL team is working around the clock to not only bring our readers the latest industry information but letting them know about the latest gear available to keep them safe in the real world!

Headlining this issue is FN’s SCAR 15P and the Nighthawk Custom Thunder Ranch Combat Special 1911collaboration with the man—Clint Smith. Sean Utley and Todd Burgreeen review these two new formidable firearms.

Also, in this issue, Peter Suciu hits the road and visits The National Museum of the United States Army, Ranon Mastison give great intel on America’s top 10 Collegiate shooting teams, Karen Hunter sits down with sniper Brain K. Sain to shine some hard-hitting light on the military vs. LE sniping debate, Andre’ Dall’au spotlights SEAL Team Six Founder Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko, and Frank Melloni shows you how to save money and shoot better by building your own .22 ARs.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

RUNNING WITH A SILENT BULL – Taurus’ TX 22 Competition might just be the perfect plinker for new shooters

COMBAT SPECIAL – Nighthawk Custom partners with Thunder Ranch to create the ultimate 1911

GRAB YOUR SPEAR – Sig takes its battle-bred MCX platform to amazing heights and options for the masses

STOCKPILE – Editors’ new guns and gear hot picks

KEEP YOUR ENEMY CLOSE – A Lone Woolf Story, Part Three of Four

BADASS BOOTS – Footwear you can trust for rugged times, weather and terrain

IT’S A LITTLE SCAR – FN’s 15P has everything SCAR fans love, but in a stow-and-go package

SUPPRESSORS – Take the bite out of the bark with Dead Air’s new dedicated 5.56 Sierra-5

Price: $9.95