Personal Defense World - April / May 2023

The annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is once again in the books, and by all accounts it was another raging success. The AO team was in attendance for this year’s festivities and scavenged the nearly 14 miles worth of aisles for the latest and most noteworthy in guns, ammo and accessories being displayed by the industry's biggest names.

Speaking of big names, the folks over at Beretta took advantage of the Las Vegas buzz and launched their new 80X Cheetah two days prior to SHOT. After taking just one look at it we knew it had to be this issue's main cover gun. It’s a sexy little .380 ACP carry semi-auto that gives concealed carry practitioners a hefty 10+1 or 12+1 payload and is especially good for those who can’t effortlessly handle the bigger boomers. Fred Mastison was in attendance for the launch event and offers up his full in-depth test & evaluation on it in this issue.

In addition to the latest from Beretta, we’re also discussing how POF-USA is breaking the lever-action mold with its wild Tombstone, how Smith & Wesson is proving size doesn’t matter with the CSX, and how the Girsan MC28 SA is delivering more value and performance then you would expect.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

80X CHEETAH – Beretta brings a breath of fresh air to its classic .380 ACP

SHADOW SYSTEMS 9mm – The ultra-concealable CR920 Elite boasts a whopping 13+1 firepower

.32 SNUBBIE – Taurus 327: a six-shot wheelgun that is a jack of all trades

ON THE EDGE – Balisong Knives 101

BUYER’S GUIDE – AO’s Rendezvous 2022

DEFENSIVE TACTICS – Vehicle Resistance — Fight To Live

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