Combat Handguns - May / June 2023

This year’s SHOT Show was on fire with all manner of new guns, gear, gadgets, optics and ammo. For the May/June issue of CH, we gathered up about 32 of our favorite new items including more than a dozen new holsters from the event and put together a full “must haves” list for our readers. We’re spreading these roundups all across our titles so be sure to keep an eye on the latest issues of Ballistic, Tactical Life, and Guns of the Old West for more highlights.

On this issue's cover, Wilson Combat is ready to give all other Sig Sauer partners a major run for their money with the best P365 ever! Our editorial staff first got their mitts on this hot CCW at our annual Rendezvous in fall 2022 and now we’re bringing you our in-depth review of Wilson’s WCP365.

Also in this issue, Garrett Lucas gets lean and mean with Bond Arms and a pair of backup derringers, Fred Mastison runs SilencerCo’s Osprey 45 2.0 multi-caliber can with a killer Cabot 1911, Andy Massimilian makes the noise (mostly) disappear with Silencer Central’s multi-caliber Banish 45, and the resident CH doc, Martin Topper, sits down with speed-shooting legend Jerry Miculek for some sage advice that crosses into self-defense.

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BEST P365 EVER? – Wilson Combat is set to give all other Sig Sauer partners a major run for their money

FIGHTING EDGE  – FN’s 509 CC Edge offers up a complete, future-proof package of solid defense

PERFECT 9MM PCC – Wilson’s latest AR9-X Carbine and its buttery action make a gun you can’t live without

THE TERMINAL LIST GLOCK – Taran Tactical’s TLG19 brings a silver screen gun to the masses

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – Forget what you hear or see on the internet when it comes to your day in court

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – Hottest new holsters from SHOT Show 2023

GEAR GUIDE – Concealed carry solutions for an active lifestyle in warmer climes


A collection of great new guns and gear from SHOT Show 2023

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