Personal Defense World - Aug. / Sept. 2023

A virtual deluge of first-time gun owners has changed not only gun ownership, but the entire firearms industry. Increased demand leads to increased supply, and gun and ammunition companies are introducing more—and better—firearms and ammo, including concealed carry pistols and rounds, than ever.

A perfect example is this issue’s cover gun, Ed Brown’s new Fueled up M&P pistol. In this issue, Garrett Lucas reports on how many improvements Ed Brown Products has made to the famed S&W M&P line, Fred Mastison explains how the new CZ DWX pistol combines a little bit of 1911 with the CZ 75 to make one smooth-shooting EDC pistol, and we round up the 21 best new defensive pistols for 2023.

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GIMMIE FUEL, GIMMIE FIRE – Ed Brown Fueled Series take the M&P to its fullest potential and desirability

DWX COMPACT 9mm – A little bit of a 1911 and CZ 75 makes for one smooth-shooting EDC pistol

CASTLE PROTECTION – Putting the Mossberg MC2c through the paces at the legendary Gunsite Academy

LIGHT & EASY – Ruger Security-380 Lite Rack’s ease of use and features make it a stand out

SUPERIOR EVOLUTION – Canik METE MC9 may be the ultimate concealed carry pistol under $500

9mm STINGER – CZ one-ups itself with the innovative Scorpion 3+ Carbine

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT – Solutions for discreet firearms storage with quick access

WORKING MAN’S AK – Century Arms ups the ante with its American-made Kalashnikov


SLING BAGS – The ultimate carry-all when day-trip trekking is on your to-do list

DEFENSE PISTOLS – Here’s what’s on tap in the new and hot autoloaders realm

TOP 17 WHEELGUNS – Hot off the Vegas Strip, the latest and greatest new revolvers

BEST 10 SHOTGUNS – Blast off with some of the hottest and newest scatterguns

TOP 21 DEFENSE LOADS – Ammo is back — now with plenty of new offerings


GUEST EDITORIAL – Newest Gun Owners

OUTSIDER’S INSIGHT – Busting Misconceptions

BASIC TRAINING – Practical Shooting Tips

BEHIND ENEMY LINES – Competition Complications

BACKYARD DADS – Cool Vs. Strange CCW Handguns

LONG RUN – Garmin Tactix Delta

LESS-LETHAL – Mistakes Were Made
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