Combat Handguns - Sept. / Oct. 2023

This issue—in fact every issue—of Combat Handguns is in some way built around historical firearms, 2A rights and self-defense-related content whether you realize it or not.

The historic bent is obvious in long-time contributor Dennis Adler’s two pieces—“150 Years Of Peacemaker” and our main cover gun story “P99 Swan Song.” After 28 years of production and end-user feedback, Walther took that historical intel and created its “Final Edition,” which likely will be passed down for generations to come.

Speaking of learning from history/building a better mousetrap, check out the Vudoo Gun Works magic that’s been done to firearms icon John M. Browning’s 1911 platform. Plus, there is years’ worth of “in the good fight” experience to be gleaned from Joshua Hood’s “Training Myths Busted” and “Daily Gun Toting.”

As usual, Massad Ayoob’s “Self-Defense & The Law” column always consults historic landmark cases that could ultimately teach you how to stay alive and/or out of jail for the rest of your life.

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WALTHER P99 SWAN SONG – Walther’s P99 AS FE signals an end to the iconic pistol

SWEET FN 545 – The new 545 Tactical is certainly not your grandpa’s good old .45 ACP

MOBIUS MAXIMUS – Vudoo Gun Works’ new-age 1911 delivers hand-built quality at a super price point

150 YEARS OF PEACEMAKER – It’s time to celebrate one of the most iconic pistols ever

TINIEST DOUBLE-STACK TITAN – KelTec joins the striker-fired crowd with its lightweight, lean and mean 9mm

ZEV CORE BUILD – Building or buying one, the OZ9 offers modularity to meet all demands

PREMIER PYTHON – Welcome to the wheelhouse where a 3-inch Colt gets an awesome makeover


STAYING SINGLE – A nine-pack of the best hammer-fired, single-actions to bet your life on

TOP 10 CCW PISTOLS – Look at new carry guns built for all-day comfort and defense


SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – For a vulnerable victim, disparity of force can manifest anywhere

ASK THE PROSCZ’s hottest competitive shooter Alexis Peña shows off his full kit

STOCKPILE – Editors’ hot picks from NRA Annual Meetings 2023

GUNS WITH A PAST – The life and times of the Norwegian 1911

BASIC TRAINING – It’s time to bust the myths because not all range advice is good advice

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – Falco Holsters’ D109 Forester Leather Chest Holster keeps your iron close at hand

CARRY CONCERNS – Expert tips and tactics for gun-toting ladies

LOOSE ROUNDS – Current events, gun politics and more
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