Harris' Farmer's Almanac - 2024

With 2024 fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to release another issue of the Harris Farmer’s Almanac. Filled with astronomical and calendar data, farming guidelines, and key weather information this will be your trusted source for the upcoming year.

In this issue, Edward Pearl writes about the reasons global warming is so serious, John Tillman explains why El Niño and La Niña can be so devastating, Greg McNamee takes a hard look at food waste in this country, and Judy Barrett and Barbara Delbol share their suggestions for making the most of garden space and keeping pests at bay the safe way.

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The Other Washington Monument

Bottle Trees

Rhapsody In Blue

What A Difference A Name Makes

Victoria Woodhull, Candidate For President


To Our Readers

Glossary Of Terms

Table Of Weights And Measures


Skywatching In 2024

2024 Meteor Showers

Morning And Evening Stars, 2024

Planets Brightest, 2024

Eclipses In 2024


Notable Days For 2024

How To Use The Calendar Pages

Calendar Pages

Seasons In 2024

Calendars For 2023, 24, 25


Fishing For Hybrids

Fishing Predictions


Farm Dates And Garden Tips


Long Range Forecast

United States Weather Map

Hurricane Names 2024


The Man Of Signs

Sun Signs Of The Zodiac
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