Tactical Life - July / Aug. 2023

Summer is officially underway which means we’re keeping things fiery hot at Tactical Life magazine! Just take a look at our “exclusive” July/August cover gun, Springfield Armory’s new Echelon 9mm handgun. With over four years in development, the engineers from Team Springfield alongside Rob Leatham—the man who has shot more than just about anyone on the planet, developed and refined every single aspect of this new striker-fired 9mm including its trigger, which is the crown jewel of his involvement. Fred Mastison discusses all the details of this potential “iconic” firearm.

Also in this issue, we unleash the new and highly improved “Dirty Harry Classic” known as the .44 Auto Mag, Robert Sadowski shows off how Beretta’s new APX A1 FS checks all the shooter-friendly boxes, and we kick off TL’s “Guns Hall Of Fame” roundup series with Fred Mastison’s “15 Iconic Handguns.” There’s a ton more great content ahead (see full table of contents below).

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BIGGUN REBORN – It’s time to unleash the new, improved and totally legendary .44 Auto Mag

ICONIC HAND CANNONS – Ranking the all-time greatest big bores for the “go big or go home” crowd

UPPER ECHELON – First look at Springfield’s groundbreaking new modular, striker-fired beast

EIGHT GREAT .308S – Time for a long-range ammo battle royale with an H-S Precision tack driver

ON-POINT PATRIOT – Mossberg’s new LR Tactical in 6.5 PRC delivers precision at a can’t-miss price

LIGHTWEIGHT GAME GETTER – Christensen Arms’ new lean and mean 6.5 PRC Mesa FFT is born to trek the backcountry

BUCK’S BAD TO THE BONE BOWIE – A road trip to Idaho yields a new-age classic worth wielding

MAXIMIZED BERETTA 92X – Here’s proof why the new 92X Performance Carry Optic is the best 92 yet

FISTFUL OF FURY – Beretta’s new APX A1 FS checks all the shooter-friendly boxes at a great price

BLACK RIFLE BEAST MOST – Take your precision-AR build game to the max with help from Real Avid and Luth-AR

5.11 ROCKS 20 – From humble beginnings to being crowned king of the tactical apparel mountain


STOCKPILE – Editors’ picks for new and noteworthy gear

GEAR GUIDE – A look at the top 10 suppressors of Athlon Outdoors’ latest Rendezvous

BOX OFFICE – Digging into the details of Devotion, the new “Forgotten War” classic

POP GUN CULTURE – Blast back in time with the guns of Yellowstone 1923

GUN DEBATE – The .45 ACP vs. 10mm war of words continues with the FN 545 and FN 510

TACTICAL KNIVES – RYP and William Harsey bring you steel forged in tribute to a special forces legend

FIREPOWER FLASHBACK – A Roy Vail custom to celebrate America’s 5-star WWII general and POTUS

AIR SUPPORT – Roundup of 29 of the newest and most powerful air handguns and rifles

FAKE-TICAL NEWS – Satire for operators who are nuts about guns

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