Ballistic - Aug. / Sept. 2023 - LONG RANGE PRECISION
Once upon a time, product options for precision rifle shooters were far and few. Narrowing down what you might build and what you might outfit that build with from an accessories standpoint was easier but it was because factory-built rifles capable of rather consistent sub-MOA precision just didn’t exist. Fast forward to 2023 and it can be extremely difficult to wade through the murky waters of precision shooting products. Fear not, Ballistic’s Precision Shooting & Hunting Guide is fully loaded with the latest and greatest!

In this issue, we’re reviewing Aero Precision’s new Solus, Weatherby’s brand new Rem 700 action—the Model 307, and we take a look at how Daniel Defense continues to develop and grow its Delta 5 platform.

There’s a ton more content to feast on in the pages ahead. Our aim is to help you become better educated and more capable shooters so that you can reap the rewards with every trigger pull.

Don’t miss the Skillset fam section headlined by a range session with “AK Guy” Brandon Herrera. Plus take a wild road trip to the red rocks of Utah where some truly epic custom rides are showcased.

With so much content to feast on, what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!



Aero Precision launches full force into the “have it your way” bolt-action arena

WEATHERBY CURVE BALL – For Rem 700 fans, Weatherby presents the new Model 307 rifle action

WOOX WORK – The new Furiosa Ultra chassis puts PRS-level performance within every shooter’s reach

RECORD IMPACT! – The story behind Jaclyn and Shane Bryan’s historic 2.4-mile shot

SOUNDGUARDED DELTA 5 PRO – The latest Daniel Defense do-it-all rifle dishes out sub-MOA accuracy sans the noise

NATIONAL RIFLE LEAGUE 22 – Primer for joining in on today’s most fun and functional .22 LR competition

.22 LR MODEL 2020 – Springfield Armory’s rimfire ups the ante for long-range target shooting

MONSTER MAG – Ruger’s .338 Lapua Mag Precision Rifle is built for the “go big or go home” crowd

PATRIOT PEW PEW – Mossberg topped with an Elite Iron Asset proves you don’t have to go broke for going long

GREAT EIGHT – Steiner’s new Predator 8 takes the guesswork out of dialing up deadliness

HI-TECH GLASS – A deep dive into Burris’ new Veracity PH, plus six other new riflescope best bets

ACTION ANATOMY – What you should consider when buying a new precision rifle action

SAVAGE’S 6.5 TACK DRIVER – Breaking down entry barriers to the PRS realm with the 110 Elite Precision

GOT GAME? – A beginner's guide to getting cranked up for PRS competition


STOCKPILE – New and notable gear for shooters and hunters

THE UNKNOWNS - Hit these fellas up if you wanna take your precision game to new heights

SKILL SCHOOL - Long-range accuracy and precision are born at the Leupold Optics Training Academy

HIGH ROLLING - Join Federal and H-S Precision for an upper-crust shooting adventure in South Dakota

ROUNDTABLE - A bizarre three-way between a USMC sniper, a SWAT legend and a PRS crack shot

POP GUN CULTURE - A peek at Hollyweird’s most realistic sniper characters and others that fell flat


INSIDER INFO – 27 Tidbits of knowledge

MADE IN AMERICA – Why we went astray and how buying American products is making a comeback

THE MOTHER-LOVING AK GUY – A casual Q&A with 2A advocate and YouTube icon Brandon Herrera

5 SKILLSETS TO MASTER – From castle defense and greenbacks to boss bassing, it’s time to upgrade your alpha card

LET’S ROLL – Road trip to the red rocks of Utah to show off some truly epic custom rides

HEADSPACE – Embrace it using patience, persistence, courage and time


LAST CALL – Bossman sounds off, plus #SKILLSET Fam pics

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