Tactical Life - Sept. / Oct. 2023

Welcome to the September/October issue of Tactical Life magazine. It’s fully loaded with content covering personal defense and sporting firepower, a host of entertaining and informative articles with links to companion video content, and nearly everything in between.

This issue’s cover features Nighthawk’s new custom 9mm supreme double stack. Mike Detty reminisces on his USPSA competition days as he explains how this high-performance firearm is a must for those who can recognize unmatched quality and attention to detail, even with its hefty price tag.

Speaking of competition, good ammo plays a pivotal role in top performance. Whether you are currently a reloader, or are looking to get into it, we’ve added a special 36-page reloading section with plenty of new loading equipment reviews as well as expert advice from our “resident reloaders” Jay Langston and Frank Melloni. Also in this issue, we continue our “Iconic” series with the 15 most iconic rifles of all time, we review the top three military thrillers you need in your tactical library, and we put two of Mossberg’s most popular home-defense scatterguns in a head-to-head bout to see which one reigns supreme.

With so much more shooting, self-defense, 2A/new-gun news and outdoor entertainment to load up on, the only thing left is to pick up your copy today!


ON THE COVER - MIGHTY DOUBLE – Nighthawk Custom’s BDS9 reigns supreme for those who demand only the best

SHOOT (AND WRITE) TO THRILL – The Gray Man series author gives an inside look at how book-born blockbusters come to be

15 ICONIC RIFLES – A collection of battle-proven firepower forever enshrined in TL’s Rifle Hall Of Fame

6.5 CREED HUNTERS – It’s a battle of the top eight 6.5 Creedmoor game-dropping cartridges

SHOCK & AWESOME – Two gun nuts go head-to-head to see which 590S rules the 12-gauge roost

SIX-PACK OF SHARP – When the chips are down, these next-gen tacticals will make the cut

5.56 WARRIOR – The Made In The USA WSM15 is ready to rock long, fast and crazy accurate


STOCKPILE – Editors’ picks for new and noteworthy gear

BOOK REPORTS – A three-spot of must-reads, plus some solid editorializing by Jack Carr

LONG RANGE – Some guidance and one badass Barrett MK22 make hitting targets at a mile a cool breeze

ADVANCED OPTICS – Review of the easy and feature-packed InfiRay RICO RH50 Pro thermal scope

RIMFIRE REPORT – Ruger flips the script—big time—on its legendary 10/22

TACTICAL RIDES – It’s a boat! It’s a plane! It’s a Jet Shark!

FAKE-TICAL NEWS – Satire for operators who are nuts about guns


DEADLY SEVEN TRAIN – Once the dust settles, the 7mm PRC champion will be crowned

AMP UP – Extend case life and massively improve accuracy at long ranges with this new-age annealer

LOADIN’ LEHIGH – From self-defense to varmint control, Lehigh delivers accuracy with major terminal punch

RCBS TURNS 80 – From the back of a laundromat to becoming the most respected reloading brand

RAGING RELOADS – Guide to rolling your own practice and hunting loads for Taurus’ new Raging Hunter 460

HOBO HANDLOADIN’ – The how and why of penny-pinch handloading while away from the home bench

RELOADER’S STOCKPILE – 15 new components and related gear for those who like to roll their own

Price: $9.95